About True North Interior Design & Antiques

CJ and Dan Zonderan of Charlevoix Michigan

About True North

True North Interior Design and Antiques is an interior design, home decor, and antique business in Charlevoix, Michigan.

Owners CJ and Dan Zondervan sell vintage and vintage inspired goods for your home and cottage. The antique business is located in downtown Charlevoix in the Van Pelt Alley.

A big part of True North’s success is the creativity and craftsmanship of Dan Zondervan. Dan has an innate sense of purpose for otherwise cast off pieces of furniture and architectural elements. Repairing, finishing, and repurposing vintage finds.

Dan also is the craftsman of many of the unique wood items in the store. Wood collage hearts, stars, flags, picture and mirror frames, benches, harvest tables, side tables, light fixtures and signs, just to name a few.

Anything that you see in the store made with Birch or twigs, that’s Dan’s handiwork. Watch for the hashtags #danmade to connect with his work.

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Located in Van Pelt Alley in Downtown Charlevoix, Michigan